Marketing image of Hob Zagreb

All tenants participate in the profiling of the Hob Zagreb marketing image. Every content and service of the centre has been carefully selected and adds to the infrastructure of Prisavlje in Zagreb. Through communication channels such as newsletters, advertising areas in the centre and the website, the tenants can present their services, find the current events and connect with other customers and visitors of the centre.

We have been in Hob Zagreb since 2007, and we plan to stay here in the future, because the space fulfils all our needs and has a good offer of additional content which suits our employees. There are several restaurants, café bars and grocery stores nearby, and also a gym with a fitness centre, and anyone who is interested can also use the garage for cars. With regard to the increase in the number of employees from year to year (in the last eight years we have increased the number of employees at this address by nearly 200), we appreciate the flexibility of Hob Zagreb which has adapted to our needs with the size of the space.

- Bojan Bajgorić Šantić, IN2, corporate communications

Kindergarten Čigra has been working within Hob Zagreb since its opening in 2007. Most of the children who go to the kindergarten are children of the employees who work in the business spaces of the Centre, but also children who live nearby.
It did not take long for the users of the Centre to recognise the advantages of the kindergarten, such as the proximity of the parents’ work place which largely facilitates the process of children’s adjustment to the nursery/kindergarten. The proximity to their parents provides two-sided security to our users, and new available places are often asked for.
Our big colourful terrace and the happy children’s voices helped the business centre feel joyful and young.

- Martina Pavić, headmistress of Kindergarten Čigra

Restaurant Spoon has been operating in Hob Zagreb since 2012. Due to the various services located in the Centre, an excellent and accessible location, the possibility of apartment rental for our clients, everyday use of parking spaces in the underground garage and many events which are held in the Centre almost on a daily basis, we chose precisely this location as the location where we would like to continue our long-year business activities.

- Dražen Tatović, Restaurant Spoon

Due to the interesting content of the centre, a large number of business companies and attractive location, we opened a branch office in Hob Zagreb in 2007.
We have been very satisfied with the surroundings and the clients, and we believe that we have enriched that part of Prisavlje in Zagreb with our interesting offer.

- Antonia Dodig, Pan Pek

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