Mozaik Event Centar

The fifth element of organizing high performance events.

Mozaik grupa, besides creating and organizing all types of events, also offers the most important event segment – modern and functional space in which the event will take place and will certainly leave a top impression on the attendees.
Mozaik Event Center offers the possibility of organizing virtual and hybrid events, congresses, conferences and symposiums, presentations, workshops, seminars, gala and prom dinners, banquets, weddings, cultural and entertainment gatherings and all other event formats in newly renovated modern halls with the possibility of multipurpose displays from the classic cinema set-up, classroom, gala dinner and reception, to the possibility of renting empty space for eighter larger or smaller events.


Mozaik Event Center halls have their own design character, according to whose characteristics of four elements they were named after : WATER, FIRE, AIR AND EARTH.
The fifth element that brings the necessary balance and professional performance is the MOZAIK grupa that manages the Mozaik Event Center and brings rich experience in creating and organizing events.

Hall Water


Water as the largest hall of the total 903m2, can accommodate up to 1300 guests. It is unique in its entirety, without columns, so it can be adapted to very demanding scenography, large stages and complex productions.

A movable partition wall and the possibility of dividing it into two completely separate halls is its additional advantage, and due to the professional sound insulation system, separate events do not interfere each other’s events.
The interior of the Hall offers possibility of vehicle placing and usage of service area as well as the loading ramp which allows fast and simple equipment entry.

Hall Air

87 m2

The Air Hall has 87 m2 and is bathed in daylight throughout the day.

As such, it is ideal for educations, presentations, seminars and trainings, and especially the virtual and hybrid versions of the same due to the technologically it disposes such as camera that follows the speaker, interactive screen “Meeting pad” and professional sound system.

A service lobby is available for catering and socializing during breaks.

Hall Earth


The Earth Hall is practical when a lecture or workshop requires the division of participants to work in groups because there is enough space in 110 m2 to ensure uninterrupted work for each group. With a basic package of equipment that the hall includes it provides the possibility of realizing smaller conferences on a turnkey basis.
A lobby is available for organizing catering breaks and networking.

Hall Fire

80 m2

The entrance to the Vatra hall of 80 m2 is located opposite the entrance to the Mozaik Event Center, which gives it maximum visibility and accessibility.
It can be used as a stand-alone space or as additional space for workshops or presentations when the Water Hall is used as a plenary hall.


The technical support segment provides high-standard one-stop-shop solutions for the rental of audio-video and event equipment, logistics and IT support.

Select between

  • modern and functional halls
  • the most modern sound system, eighter for conference or a concert
  • modern audio-video equipment
  • possibility of parking in the underground garage from which you enter directly into the central lobby

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