Hob Zagreb

Multifunctional business centre

When the construction of this business centre was completed in 2007, Zagreb got an attractive architectural edifice which, beside its interesting shape, also introduced the diversity of function in a single place. This was also one of the biggest investments in construction in recent history in Croatia.

Overall service at an attractive location is the best thing we offer.

How was Hob Zagreb created?

The preliminary idea came from a prominent Californian architect and winner of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture, Thom Mayne. Beside Hob Zagreb in Zagreb, he also designed the one in Klagenfurt.
His solution created a multifunctional business centre which encompasses in a single place and in an attractive way everything from a garage, cafés and shops, to pharmacy, restaurant and wellness.
Even though it is not located in the immediate vicinity to the city centre, in its construction the concept of city block was applied because it allows the most rational and most cost-effective way to use the space.

“I am extremely happy because Zagreb finally has a modern and specialised congress (event). A large number of halls and their capacities, modern technological equipment, an adequate number of parking spaces, and the exceptional location of the centre very often put Hob Zagreb in front of the competition and it presents itself as the logical choice. Through a number of projects in Hob Zagreb, I personally witnessed the truly superior service and working conditions, and it is my sincere desire that the successful cooperation also continues in the future.”

- Davor Tokić, Briefing komunikacije

Since 2012, the Hob Zagreb complex also has energy certificates which confirm energy savings.

Use all the benefits of the modern, functional and attractive business Hob Zagreb.

  • Accessible location
  • Top-quality equipment
  • Diversity of business space use
  • Secure parking in the underground garage
  • Possibility of apartment rental
  • Many additional contents and services

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